Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anybody see this yet?

I went last night. Any thoughts?

Apparently 14 different horses went into "Joey" the main equine character.


  1. I'm waiting to see it - it's not out in the UK for another couple of weeks. I saw the stage version which was incredible! They used a puppet horse, and Monty Roberts trained the puppeteers to move like a real horse (there's footage somewhere of the puppeteers using stage-Joey to interact with Kelly Mark's horse, who actually treats it exactly like a real horse!).

    (PS I've been following your blog for a while, and I've loved reading about all your adventures. I've also been through a bout of depression during the second year of my PhD (about 18 months ago). I know how scary it can be. I hope you start getting 'you' back again soon.)

    Gemma (24, from UK)

  2. Did you enjoy the movie?
    BTW...I like the new blog design!

  3. Yes. I saw it. It was very well done. I've always been a Spielberg fan and this is another good one. The horse work was very good. I often get distracted by animals in a film because I used to train them for films and tv so I'm critical of the animal work but I thought they did an outstanding job.

  4. It was hard to hold back the tears! I don't want to give away any portion of the movie, but the part when the big black horse lays down....ahhhhhh. Very sad part.


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