Friday, July 20, 2012

Casting call

Hi. It's been a while. Thanks for the terrific emails and kind words. I appreciate them. You're superb.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty; obviously toward the end of last year, my goals changed and I had to make some moves, that I'm not super stoked about, in order to keep myself happy and sane. The good news is that they worked. I mean, I'm happy. My mom still doesn't think I'm sane. Whatevs. Currently I am sleeping in carpet, drywall and windows (different now than the last you've heard), but I am moving back into the tipi in August; SOON! This time around I'm armed with new and improved plans on how to make it work better. I can't wait to share the experience with you (again).

However, I'm looking to change up the blog a tad. More and more lately I have come across some fascinating nomadic/alternative-house-dwelling characters, so much so that I barely feel as though I can call myself one.

But I want to meet more! And I want them to write and share their experiences here, as a guest blogger, with me!

So here's my casting call: Are you a nomad? A mobile house rambler? A treehouse builder (oops! already have that one covered, teehee)? Cycling traveler? Bus flipper? Van dweller? Yurt princess? Tarp-toter? Resident of an alleyway garbage can@#$%?!!

Let's collab and tell people about how cool it is!

Email me. Tell me what you do, how you live, why, and some sort of sweet picture of something.

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  1. Hey Natalie! Just came across your post and I'm so excited to find another like mind! I've been living in a tipi here in the pacific northwest since march. Let them call us crazy! Sanity is measured by the law of averages, after all. Seems to me that spending more than half your income on rent and the other half on living expenses constitutes insanity! But to each his own, I suppose. Love your style of writing and hope to hear more about your adventures!


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